Heeresbäckerei Kassel

aiming for DGNB Gold

About this project

Heeresbäckerei Kassel
The old army bakery, which is part of the Magazinhof business park in Kassel, is being renovated and converted into a modern office building with an old building flair. This building project is being realized by the construction company GOLDBECK Nord GmbH.

The history
In 1939 and 1940, the Magazinhof, including the army bakery, was built as a substitute rations depot. Grain and other important foodstuffs were stored there in three large silos. As part of several construction projects, the 40.000 square meter site in Kassel is now being transformed into a new quarter for urban living and working.

Traditional from the outside…
As the Heeresbäckerei is a listed building, the focus is on preserving its historical appearance. The roof of the building will be covered with slate shingles in the historical style and the windows will be fitted with glazing bars. This preserves the old building flair of the former bakery.

.. progressive on the inside
In contrast to the traditional appearance on the outside, the interior of the original army bakery is being transformed into a modern office complex. Contemporary individual and group offices will be created on three full storeys, providing workspace for around 270 people. The renovation project is scheduled for completion in summer 2024.

Sustainability with a high priority
When planning the renovation project, a special focus was placed on the topic of sustainability. The use of low-emission materials and the energy efficiency of the building were particularly important. The new office building was planned in such a way that the primary energy requirement of the building is 45 percent lower than the energy requirement of the reference building in accordance with the Building Energy Act. A photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof of the building for self-sufficiency in electricity. The project is also aiming for a DGNB Gold certificate.